Entrepreneurship and regional development. A bibliometric analysis

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Entrepreneurial initiatives and actions are considered main triggers of economic and social development as well as important factors in order to achieve more cohesion among various countries and regions within the European Union. The main goal of the present paper consists in analyzing the scientific literature on entrepreneurship and its influences on regional development. In the first section of the paper the concepts of entrepreneurship and regional development are broken down from the perspective of various researchers. Next the link between entrepreneurship and regional development is established and it is analyzed how the two terms are interconnected: entrepreneurship might have a positive contribution to the development of a region and in the same time some regions are more attractive for entrepreneurs than others. In the last section of the paper a bibliometric analysis is conducted, which aims at establishing the interest existing in the scientific literature for this research topic based on different criteria such as: number of publications, language of publication, journals where articles have been published, areas of knowledge in which authors have published research on entrepreneurship and regional development etc. The analysis was conducted based on scientific literature published between 2001 and 2017 and indexed in the Web of Science - Core Collection. It is highlighted that most of the publications on entrepreneurship and regional development are articles, published in English in the field of Business economics. Overall, the positive trend regarding the number of publications on this topic reveals a growing interest for this research area.

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