Description of the Adsorption Equilibrium with Consideration to the Decreasing Availability of Space in the Course of Mobile Adsorption of a Single Gas on a Homogenous Surface of Solid

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The subsequent stages of the process of formulation of the equation for gas adsorption on a homogenous surface of a solid adsorbent were presented based on the general expression for the canonical ensemble of the mobile single-component adsorption monolayer. The method of formulating the configuration integral of the proposed model was discussed in detail where the role both of the attraction and repulsion between adsorbed molecules was emphasised. The expression for the probability of finding a molecule in a specified point on a surface of an adsorbent was modified by determining its magnitude by the adsorbent concentration. The expression for the so-called effective surface of the adsorbent was obtained by adapting a two-dimensional analogue equation of state hard spheres – Van der Waals equation (2D-vdW) and Reis-Frisch-Lebowitz equation accordingly (2D-RFL). As a result, two new adsorption equations were formulated which differ in detail concerning the adsorbate-adsorbate repulsion. On each of these equations theoretical analysis was performed in terms of two-dimensional phase transformation. In both cases it was proved that the proposed solution allows for the presence of two-phase transformations of the first type which is the gas-liquid condensation and solidification liquid-solid. The verification of the given approach was supplemented by the description of the experimental data given in reference literature and by obtaining a very good correlation between the theory and experiment.

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