Interpolation Grid for Local Area of Iasi City

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Definitive transition to GNSS technology of achieving geodetic networks for cadastre implementation in cities and municipalities, enforce establishing a unique way of linking between current measurements and existing geodetic data, with a sufficient accuracy proper to urban cadastre standards. Regarding city of Iasi, is presented a different method of transformation which consist in an interpolation grid for heights system. The Romanian national height system is „Black Sea-1975” normal heights system. Founded in 1945 by Molodenski, this system uses the quasigeoid as reference surface, being in relation with the ellipsoid through the height anomalies sizes in each point. The unitary transformation between the ETRS- 89 ellipsoidal height system and the normal one, at national level is provided through the „TransdatRo” program developed by NACLR (National Agency for Cadastre and Land Registration).

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