Studies and Researches on Monitoring by GIS Models Extreme Phenomenons in the Popular Center

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The work involves the realization of a GIS model that includes both information on real estate cadastre and water supply networks. This shows the stages of making such a model, starting from field measurements, to structuring the database and custom layouts. In the study, the distribution pipelines equipped with fire hydrants and the existing building types in the area were considered as the main elements. Buildings were classified according to importance, height, destination, mapping indexes, etc. and have been integrated into the GIS model. GIS programs aim at specifying as much as possible the textual data attached to perform complex analyzes. Autocad and ArcMap programs allow you to get thematic maps on building types, pipeline network analysis on which hydrants are located, and how to protect firewalls. The study model was developed only for a sector in the city of Iaşi, but it can be extended to an application that can be used in other urban areas for the purpose of being used by the water-channel directorate, the intervention teams, the public administration local, etc.

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