Studies on the Implementation of GIS Model in Water Supply Systems

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The paper presents research conducted on the optimization of urban water supply networks. One direction of optimization follows the use of GIS models for digitization on components system. The use of water supply system operation depends on the proper functioning of the structural and functional components.

In the analysis it was found that the main components of the system are the following: capture, headrace, puming stations, reservoirs, distribution networks.

Each component is made up of a multitude of sub-components with specific structural and functional character. Using GIS program it follows to specify custom properties using layers of structural and functional domains. Autocad Civil 3D, GisNet Set, ArcGis Server and Autocad Toolbase programs allowed to obtain thematic maps on specific areas of the system. The model of the study can vary from simple to complex and can be generalized to any water supply system for a specific use (urban area, villages, tourist resorts, shopping complexes etc.).


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