The Thermal Regime of Air in the Rarău Massif

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The air temperature variability and locally global warming impact, in the North Eastern Carpathians, have analyzed, namely in the high area of the Massif Rarău, as the environmental implications of these changes. Also taking into account the touristic potential of this area, some aspects of thermal regime change have been highlighted, with implications for tourism. For this study the string climate data have been used from the meteorological station Rarău, currently belonging to the Faculty of Geography and Geology, University Alexandru Ioan Cuza. The yearly average of air temperature at the meteorological station Rarău was 2.5°C over the period 1958-2015. The annual variations were from -1.3°C in comparition with the annual average in 1980 to +1.7°C in 2015. The lowest monthly average was in January, 6.7°C, the highest in July, 11.8°C and annual average amplitude was 18.5°C.

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