Hydrodynamic Modeling on Suciu River (Maramures County)

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The GIS database containing the topographic and land use information was made in 2012, followed by field measurements surveys in 2013 and 2014. A number of 11 cross-sections were topographically apprised in the valley along the 11 km river reach. The geometric data requirements for the modeling software were prepared in ESRI’s ArcGIS™ 9.2 software using the HEC-GeoRAS extension. The steady flow data was edited in the HEC-RAS one-dimensional flow modeling software. Four scenarios were used for the river discharge, from normal to overflow. The results come in different forms, from tabular output, to stage hydrograph, to velocity distribution or 3D diagrams, all of which give a clear vision on the overflow high risk areas. The results were exported back to the GIS extension for additional spatial operations. Flow velocity maps were generated for each discharge scenario. Although the scenarios included very high discharge values, the flood impact on people assets is minimal. The reasons for this are the high slope of the riverbed and the proper placement in the floodplain, due mainly to the flood management works that took place after the 1970 flood.

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