Early Blizzard Phenomena in Southeastern Romania. Case Study: 2–3 November 1980

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Extreme weather events are natural phenomena that occur frequently, but their appearance outside their happened season (late spring or early fall) may embarrass the natural cycles of vegetation or some economic activities of society. Blizzard is one of the most complex phenomena of cold season whose production can cause many social and environmental shortcomings of feature during the event, the more its appearance in season further disrupt both the environment and human society. November is seen speaking month of autumn, when the natural cycle of plant vegetation definitely not over yet, so the occurrence of phenomena such as blizzard (a cold season phenomenon), can cause damages especially in agriculture. Based on these considerations, in this paper is climatological analyzed the earliest blizzards in southeastern Romania for a period of 51 years (1961-2012) and a case study carried out during the blizzard of 2 to 3 November 1980. Meteorological data provided by the Database of National Meteorological Administration include the time period of the blizzard progres from 12 meteorological stations located in the reference area. For the case study are used synoptic maps from www.wetter3.de; www.nooa.org.com; www.weather.uwyo.edu; www.meteoromania.ro.

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