Determinants of Demand for Physical Activity among Students in Krakow

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The low level of physical activity amongst Poles is not only a social problem, but also a big challenge for commercial organizations. The aim of the thesis was to determine indicating factors influencing the maximum price that students are prone to pay for physical activity. The research was based on the opinions of 398 respondents (students from Krakow’s academies). A Chi-square test of independence was used to compare the distribution of the observed variables with their theoretical distribution.

The test results show that the maximum price that students are prone to pay for a single admission ticket and for a monthly pass for participating in physical activity is correlated with the price of complementary goods, participation in free and paid kinesthetic forms of recreation, and their main subject of study. In the case of the decision to purchase monthly passes (as opposed to a ticket for single admission), the student’s income and motivation to exercise are also important. On the other hand, declarative price is not influenced by the gender and former sports activity of interviewees.

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