Cartographic visualization of Jewish heritage in cross-border tourist project Shtetl Routes (Poland, Belarus, Ukraine)

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The aim of the author of this article is to present cartographic visualizations designed for an international tourist project Shtetl Routes. The methodology consists of the study of early topographic maps, field studies, GIS analyses and 3D modelling. 63 town maps, 15 virtual mock-ups and a large thematic map have been developed as results. Multiple methodological problems are discussed. Cartographic products designed for the project have already been published or will be published in the near future.

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Kuna J., Kuna A., Majuk E., Tarajko M., 2016, Shtetl Routes. Vestiges of Jewish cultural heritage in cross-border tourism. Tourist map, 1:900,000, Lublin: “Grodzka Gate - NN Theatre” Centre.

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