Single Fetal Cardiac Tumors and Follow-Up Based on 13 Cases from the Fetal Cardiac Referral Center in 1993-2017

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Introduction: Fetal cardiac tumors are anomalies, that occur rarely: from Nationwide Register of Fetal Cardiological Problems in Poland in years 2004-2016 amongst 8112 fetuses with cardiological problems, there were 85 fetuses with cardiac tumors, including 52 cases of multiple cardiac tumors (0,64%) and 33 of single anomalies (0,4%). Material: This analysis included 13 cases from single tertiary fetal cardiac center Lodz in years 1993-2017. Results: Ten out of 13 fetuses with single cardiac tumors (SFCT) had cardiomegaly: on average HA/CA was 0,49. The size of the tumor was different: the smallest one - 6 x 6 mm, the biggest 47 x 47 mm. The way of the delivery: in 10 cases there was CS and in 3 cases natural delivery. Birth weight was from 2000-3950 g (average 2989,2 g). Cardiosurgical resection of the tumor was performed on 4 newborns: at 2nd, 4th, 8th and 16th day of life (average 7,5 day). Four neonatal deaths were registered (31%): in 1st 2nd and 11th day (before surgery) and in the 28th day after the operation. Conclusions: Single fetal cardiac tumors (SFCT) can be diagnosed at 20 weeks of pregnancy, which allows to start echocardiographic monitoring, taking into consideration the potential risk of hemodynamic progression. SFCT can be the first sign of tuberous sclerosis complex in later prenatal or postnatal life. SFCT other than rhabdomyoma can be asymptomatic in newborn, but may require an early cardiosurgical resection.

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