Synthesis and Transport Properties of Nanostructured VO2 by Mechanochemical Processing

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Synthesis and Transport Properties of Nanostructured VO2 by Mechanochemical Processing

The high-energy milling of the V2O5-Na2SO3 mixture in the range of 5 - 100 min leads to a synthesis of monoclinic VO2. The starting and minimum (at 220 °C) values of electric resistance R of the 100 min milled and pressed VO2-Na2SO4 mixture were 13.9 MΩ and 91.5 kΩ, respectively. The subsequent washing of the as-milled powder partially leads to the development of VO2 nanostructures with tube-like, sheet-like and rod-like morphology, besides VO2 (B) belt-like morphology, depending on the milling times.

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