Ontological and Epistemological Discourse(s) on Sustainable Development: Perspective on Sierra Leone in The Aftermath of a Decade of Civil Unrest

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This article addresses philosophical discourses (ontology and epistemology), framing researchers’ position on topical issues relating to sustainable development, particularly in relation to Sierra Leone. The country is a nation full of memories; that which has brought lasting pain in the minds of people and the use of philosophical concepts has helped to throw light on areas pertaining to the country’s scope for achieving its SDGs, while at the same time, engaging with the reality of issues through open discourses. Relevant methodologies have also been addressed with the hope of bringing to the fore ontological discourses required to foster epistemic dialogue for the sustained development of the country as a whole (more so in areas like health calamities and civil crisis the country have battled itself with in the past decade). Relevant recommended points have been proposed as a way of supporting forward thinking discourses in ensuring the country is able to progress well with its planned SDGs targets.

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