Jokowi’s Political Communication in Jakarta Governor Election to Win Age-Based Voters

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The Jakarta governor election year 2012 - 2017, became one of the benchmarks of political dynamics in Indonesia. In strict competition on the first round of gubernatorial elections, followed by the six candidates for governor and Deputy Governor. But because there was no candidates that reached at least 50 percent + 1 vote, the election of the second round were conducted, followed by Fauzi Bowo - Nachrowi Ramli, and the candidates Joko Widodo - Basuki Tjahaja Purnama. The purpose of this study is to determine the pattern of political communication and the characteristics of voters, voter orientation based on age, and analyse the main contributor voter for Jokowi. This study uses a qualitative methodology, to describe the collected data about political communication in the gubernatorial election. The findings of this study is that there are different patterns of political communication between candidates couple for governor when interacting to confront with voters based on productive age in the community. But substantively, pragmatic group was 30-39 years, and the X generation of 17-29-year-old was the determination of Jokowi’s winning as Jakarta governor.

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