Marketing Analysis of Locally Produced Rice in Abakaliki Local Government Area of Ebonyi State Nigeria

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The study investigated the challenges of marketing Abakaliki rice with interest in establishing the profitability and socio-economic characteristics of the marketer of the product. Mixed-method research approach consisting of the application of questionnaires and interview was used. It was conducted in three major markets located at Onu Ebonyi, Abakpa and Kpirikpiri in Ebonyi state, Nigeria. The population of the study was 120 marketers randomly selected using simple random sampling technique and proportional to the size of the market. Data was analysed using descriptive statistics. The results shows that women dominate the trade as 62% of Abakaliki rice marketers are women. Challenges of institutional, transportation facilities capital and credit facility constrained the growth of the business. Cost benefit analysis also shows that marketing of Abakaliki rice is profitable as N192, 740 only was the net profit at the end of the trading period. The study concludes by recommending formation of cooperative societies to enhance accessibility of start-up capital while governments at various levels should develop marketing policies that increase the marketing network of Abakaliki rice.

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