Audit of Premature Infants and Critically Ill Neonates Requiring Ex-Utero Transport by the First Macedonian Neonatal Emergency Transport Service: A Retrospective Descriptive Study

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Audit of Premature Infants and Critically Ill Neonates Requiring Ex-Utero Transport by the First Macedonian Neonatal Emergency Transport Service: A Retrospective Descriptive Study

Background. Outcome for high-risk infants transferred in-utero is reported as better than the outcome of infants transferred after birth.

Aim. The aim of this study is to present the first Macedonian neonatal emergency transport service in the frame of the neonatal intensive care unit at the Pediatric University Hospital in Skopje.

Material and methods. The first Macedonian NETS is working since 2002 in the frame of the NICU in the Pediatric Hospital in Skopje. It provides transport with Ginevri shuttle and transport vehicle for the premature and critically ill neonates in Macedonia. We audited the NETS records of all premature infants and critically ill neonates in a non-tertiary centers requiring the mini-hospital transfer at NICU from January 2002 until December 2008.

Results. 430 infants were transferred during a 7 year period. The overall survival was 60%. Of the 81 babies known to have died, 10 died during the first 24h after admission to Level 3 and the rest of them either from complicated surgery or from another pathological cause. None of them died while the team was en route or during primary stabilisation.

Conclusion. The survival outcome for the premature babies and critically ill neonates requiring ex-utero transfer appears to be worse compared to those in tertiary units. But given the unique opportunity with this transfer the overall survival of those infants who would have died anyway in the past has decreased and sequentially the mortality rate in Macedonia.

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