Various Aspects of the Genesis and Perspectives on Agricultural Brownfields in the Czech Republic

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Abandoned agricultural objects from the period of large-scale agricultural production in the socialist era represent a peculiar topic in the former communist countries of Eastern Europe, surpassing the experience of the EU15 countries or USA that have extensive and long-standing practice in brownfields redevelopment. The question of brownfields resulting from the transformation of the agricultural sector during the transition period of the Czech Republic is presented in this paper. Agricultural brownfields are the most frequently occurring brownfields in the Czech Republic (especially in some regions), but their area share is much lower, indicating their spatial disposition in the landscape. Some aspects of agricultural brownfields regeneration, including possibilities of its funding, are discussed in the paper. We also deal with geographical, environmental and historical aspects of the existence of these localities in the Czech Republic in the context of potential financial resources and possibilities for funding their revitalization.

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