Pharmacokinetics of Ciprofloxacin in Broiler Chickens After Single Intravenous and Intraingluvial Administration

Sofiya Ivanova 1 , Dimitrichka Dimitrova 2 ,  and Metodi Petrichev 1
  • 1 Non-infectious Diseases Unit, National Diagnostic and Research Veterinary Medical Institute, , Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 2 Department of Internal Non-infectious Diseases, Pathology and Pharmacology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Forestry, Sofia, Bulgaria


The trial was performed on 10 clinically healthy Ross hybrid chickens, 5 from each gender, weighing 2.75-2.84 kg. The tested quinolone was applied at the same dose for both routes of application - 10 mg/kg of body weight. Ciprofloxacin hydrochloridum 5% solution for i.v. and 1% solution for intraingluvial treatment were prepared. In a crossover study design, ciprofloxacin hydrochloridum was administered as 5 % solution for i.v. bolus injection to broiler chickens and after 14 days as 1 % solution for intraingluvial administration into a crop to the same birds. Serum ciprofloxacin concentrations were assayed by HPLC with UV detection at a wavelength of 279 nm. After intravenous injection the following pharmacokinetic parameters were determined: t1/2β = 9.07 h; t1/2α= 0.36 h; MRT = 10.20 h and MRT = 10.75 h; AUC0→∞ = 19.560 μg.h/mL and AUC0→∞ = 19.843 μg.h/mL. After intraingluvial application parameters determined by the two pharmacokinetic models were as: t1/2α= 0.86 h; t1/2β = 7,20 h and t1/2β = 7.89 h; MRT = 12.67 h and MRT = 12.93 h; AUC0→∞ = 11.340 μg.h/mL and AUC0→24 h = 11.973 μg.h/mL; Cmax = 2.841 μg/mL and Cmax = 2.638 μg/mL; Tmax = 0.48 h and Tmax = 0.39 h; t1/2abs. = 0.146 h; MAT = 2.47 h and MAT = 2.18 h; F = 57.91% and F = 63.89%. These results suggested that a dose of 10 mg/kg of body weight provides maximum plasma concentration ater intraingluvial administration and is effective in the control of many infectious diseases of poultry.

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