Comparative Study of the Pharmacokinetics of Inorganic and Organic Iron Compounds in Broiler Chickens

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The pharmacokinetics of ferrous methionate and ferrous sulphate was investigated in broiler chickens after intravenous injection and crop intubation. The iron compounds were injected intravenously in v. brachialis. After a 20-day “wash-out” period the ferrous methionate and ferrous sulphate were administered again by an elastic silicone tube into the crop. The serum concentrations of the iron were determined using a bioanalyser. Two pharmacokinetic approaches were used - compartmental and non-compartmental analysis. After i.v. injection we found statistically significantly longer and better distribution of the iron contained in the ferrous methionate compared to the ferrous sulphate. The АUC0→∞ was statistically significantly higher in the ferrous methionate. In the alimentary tract of broiler chickens, ferrous methionate was absorbed more rapidly than ferrous sulfate. It was also distributed at a higher volume as compared to the ferrous sulfate

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