Analysis of trend rainfall: Case of North-Eastern Algeria

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The climatic change is a reality largely recognized today in the scientific community. Nevertheless, its impact on precipitation, especially on annual, monthly and seasonally rainfall in arid and semi-arid regions is not yet certain. Indeed, very few studies have dealt with this matter in Algeria.

In this context to examine spatial distribution of annual and seasonal rainfall an attempt has been made using the inverse distance weighting (IDW) method. Trends and magnitude estimate of change in rainfall series were detected by Mann–Kendall tests and Sen's test slope, has been applied to the data registered of 35 stations in the watershed Constantinois Seybouse Mellegue (CSM) North-Eastern Algeria over a period of 43 years (1969–2012).

Results from spatial plot of annual rainfall showed that the rainfall increases with altitude, but is higher for the stations exposed to moist winds. It also increases from east to west and conversely decreases as one moves away from the coast to the south. From statistical method showed that there are increase trends at 95% confidence at annual scale in some rainfall stations with high altitude and coastal stations during winter season.

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