Accessory genital glands in the New Zealand White rabbit: a morphometrical and histological study

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Introduction: The aim of this research was to provide a detailed description of the morphology, topography, and histometry of rabbit accessory genital glands. Material and Methods: Seven male New Zealand White rabbits, 3–4 months of age and weighing 2.1–3 kg were used for the study. The whole urethra from the urinary bladder to the external urethral orifice accompanied by accessory genital glands was sliced at intervals of 1 mm. The serial sections were prepared with haematoxylin-eosin (H&E) and Movat–Russell modified pentachrome stain. Results: A detailed description of the morphology and morphometry was provided. The topography of the organs was explained on the basis of characteristic cross-sections on histological slides. The inconsistent nomenclature and descriptions of these glands by different authors were also discussed. Conclusion: The morphometric analysis indicated that some of the glands described have similar dimensions in different individuals, while others like paraprostates revealed high diversity in the number of lobes, their size, and their structure. The accessory glands are also good topographic markers which precisely define the segment of the urethra. The terms “proprostate”, “prostate”, and “paraprostates” as the nomenclature of the prostate complex reflect the location of these glands well and indicate their common origin and function.

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