Elastographic and morphological testicular changes in hypothyroidism – an experimental study

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Introduction: Methimazole-induced hypothyroidism is a clinical problem in the treatment of hyperthyroidism in people and animals and is an example of metabolic disease that can lead to fertility disorders and can give elastographic testicular changes.

Material and Methods: Ultrasound elastography using the Esaote MyLab Twice ultrasound system and a morphological examination of testes were performed in seven methimazole-administered (group E) and seven healthy rats (group C).

Results: The elasticity ratio of strains in the scrotal wall of the near-field test area to testicular tissue (ELX-T-RAT) and hardness percentage of strained tissues in the defined area of a testicle (ELX-T%HRD) in group E were statistically significantly lower than in group C. The degree of spermatogenesis was statistically significantly higher in group E than in group C and similarly seminiferous tubule diameters in group E were statistically significantly higher than in group C. Body weight and testicular weight in group E were statistically significantly lower than in group C.

Conclusion: Changes in the elastographical parameters of testes may result from disorders secondary to hypothyroidism. The usefulness of elastography is noteworthy in the case of evaluation of testis function in patients with some metabolic disorders.

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