Influence of the genetic makeup of common carp on the expression of iron-related genes during Trypanoplasma borreli infection

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Introduction: Genes related to iron metabolism play an important role in inflammatory response. The objective of this study was to investigate the role of ferritin, transferrin receptors 1a and 1b, and transferrin genes in the response to blood parasite infection in common carp (Cyprinuscarpio L.).

Material and Methods: Two genetically distinct carp groups were used: R3 carp, which are established as being sensitive to parasitic infection, and SA carp (Cyprinus carpio haematopterus) of wild origin. An established challenge model with Trypanoplasma borreli was applied. Challenged carp were sampled to determine their expression levels of transferrin receptors 1a and 1b, ferritin, and transferrin mRNA. Mortality and serum iron concentration were also measured.

Results: The study revealed contrasting differences in the expression profiles of all key iron regulatory genes except the transferrin gene. In the case of other parameters, significant differences were also observed.

Conclusion: Our results demonstrate that the level of parasitic infection depends on the blood iron status. This parameter was related to the origin of the fish.

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