Study of Radial Vibrations in an Infinitely Long Fluid-Filled Transversely Isotropic Thick-Walled Hollow Composite Poroelastic Cylinders

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In this paper, radial vibrations of an infinitely long fluid-filled transversely isotropic thick-walled hollow composite poroelastic cylinder are investigated in the framework of poroelasticity. The cylinder consists of two concentric cylindrical layers namely, core (inner one) and coating (outer one), each of which retains its own distinctive properties. A comparative study has been made between the thick-walled hollow composite poroelastic cylinder and that of fluid-filled one. Frequency is computed against the ratio between the thickness to inner radius of the composite cylinder at various anisotropic ratios. Another comparative study is made between the results of current case and that of isotropic case by making Young’s modulus and Poisson ratio values of isotropic and that of transversely isotropic in the transverse direction equal. Numerical results are depicted graphically and then discussed.

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