The Development of Business Standardization and Integrated Management Systems

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The Development of Business Standardization and Integrated Management Systems

At the beginning of the 21st century, business standardization has been experiencing intense development, while technical standardization has been moved to the background. Globalization, the development and application of IT technology, the global economic crisis and severe conditions in business have only contributed to this development. Today, the most current standards to be applied are ISO 9000, 14000, 17000, 18000, 20000, 22000, 27000, 31000 and others. At this point the basic question that arises is how to apply these standards in an integrated fashion. Integrated management systems are the answer, which should connect at least two standards or at best all of them - from five to seven. This paper deals with the development of individual models of business standardization, and their integration in the design and implementation of IMS, from the viewpoint of quality management requirements, environmental protection, the safety and health protection of employees and some other demands.

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