Investigation of Error Concealment Using Different Transform Codings and Multiple Description Codings

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Investigation of Error Concealment Using Different Transform Codings and Multiple Description Codings

There has been increasing usage of Multiple Description Coding (MDC) for error concealment in non-ideal channels. A lot of ideas have been masterminded for MDC method up to now. This paper described the attempts to conceal the error and reconstruct the lost descriptions caused by combining MDC and lapped orthogonal transform (LOT). In this work LOT and other transforms codings (DCT and wavelet) are used to decorrelate the image pixels in the transform domain. LOT has better performance at low bit rates in comparison to DCT and wavelet transform. The results show that MSE for the proposed methods in comparison to DCT and wavelet have decreased significantly. The PSNR values of reconstructed images are high. The subjective evaluation of image is very good and clear. Furthermore, the standard deviations of reconstructed images are very small especially in low capacity channels.

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