Performance of Concrete by Using Albumen, Yolk and Milk

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In ancient structures such as Jabalieh dome at Kerman and Dokhtar Bridge at Mianeh in Iran, it was said that egg and in some cases egg and camel milk were used in the mortar. Thus, it was imagined that the stability of these structures were based on these traditional materials. Therefore egg parts and also camel milk were used as a portion of water in the concrete to evaluate this traditional theory. For this purpose, 16 concrete mix designs included 144 cubes, 16 cylinders and 16 prisms were casted. Various percentages of albumen, yolk or camel milk were used. Results showed that by substituting 0.5% of water content with albumen, compressive strength was similar to control specimen. But splitting tensile strength and three-point flexural strength were 7.2% and 18.9% higher than control specimen, respectively. Moreover, because of camel milk’s fat, usage of this material was not suggested.

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