Improving the Performance of an Information Retrieval System through WEB Mining

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It is generally observed throughout the world that in the last two decades, while the average speed of computers has almost doubled in a span of around eighteen months, the average speed of the network has doubled merely in a span of just eight months!. In order to improve the performance, more and more researchers are focusing their research in the field of computers and its related technologies. World Wide Web (WWW) acts as a medium for sharing of information. As a result, millions of applications run on the Internet and cause increased network traffic and put a great demand on the available network infrastructure. The slow retrieval of Web pages may reduce the user interest from accessing them. To deal with this problem Web caching and Web pre-fetching are used. This paper focuses on a methodology for improving the proxy-based Web caching system using Web mining. It integrates Web caching and Pre-fetching through an efficient clustering based pre-fetching technique.

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