Diagnostic System of Gravitational Solid Flow Based on Weight and Accelerometer Signal Analysis Using Wireless Data Transmission Technology

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The paper presents results of the scale-up silo flow investigation in based on accelerometer signal analysis and Wi-Fi transmission, performed in distributed laboratory environment. Prepared, by the authors, a set of 8 accelerometers allows to measure a three-dimensional acceleration vector. The accelerometers were located outside silo, on its perimeter. The accelerometers signal changes allowed to analyze dynamic behavior of solid (vibrations/pulsations) at silo wall during discharging process. These dynamic effects are caused by stick-slip friction between the wall and the granular material. Information about the material pulsations and vibrations is crucial for monitoring the interaction between silo construction and particle during flow. Additionally such spatial position of accelerometers sensor allowed to collect information about nonsymmetrical flow inside silo.

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