Calorific evaluation and energy potential of grape pomace

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This article deals with energetic evaluation and potential of pomace – a waste product originating during production of grape wine. Calorimetric analysis of 19 grapevine varieties was performed in 2013 and 2014. The aim was to specify their combustible limit and the gross calorific value. The evaluations were performed on pristine pomace, pomace without seeds, and only on seeds themselves. The results obtained imply that pomace is an interesting energetic resource with a gross calorific value of 16.07-18.97 MJ kg−1. Lower calorific values were detected in pomace after seed separation ie 14.60-17.75 MJ kg−1; on the contrary, seeds alone had the highest calorific values of 19.78-21.13 MJ kg−1. It can be assumed from the results of energetic evaluation of pomace in Czech Republic conditions that, by purposeful and efficient usage of pomace, 6.4 GWh of electric energy and 28 GWh of thermal energy can be generated.

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