HFRS with Severe Heart Liver and Renal Failure: a Case Report

Qing Zhou 1 , Meng-Hou Lu 2 , Lei Fu 2  and De-Ming Tan 2
  • 1 The Department of Infectious Disease, Zhuzhou Central Hospital, , Zhuzhou, China
  • 2 The Department of Infectious Disease, Central South University Xiangya Hospital, Key Laboratory of Viral Hepatitis, , Changsha, China


Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS) is caused by hantavirus infection, which was characterized by abrupt high fever, systemic hemorrhage, hypotension and renal damage. Although multiple system organ damage was not uncommon, but multiple organ system failure were rare. Hereafter we report one case with simultaneous renal, heart and liver failure. In this case, we received some experience and lessons.

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