Description of the first-stage juveniles of Xiphinema cretense and X. herakliense - Distribution of Xiphinema and Longidorus species in olive orchards and grapevines in Crete, Greece

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The occurrence of nematodes of the family Longidoridae was investigated in soil samples collected from cultivated and wild olives and grapevines in Crete. The first-stage juveniles of Xiphinema cretense and X. herakliense are described for the first time. The species X. israeliae, X. cretense, X. herakliense and Longidorus pseudoelongatus, previously recorded exclusively from olives in Crete, are herein reported in the rhizosphere of grapevines. Also L. iranicus is reported for the first time in cultivated olive, while X. italiae and L. closelongatus are reported for the first time in wild olive in Crete. Data on the occurrence of phytoparasitic nematode species in cultivated olives, wild olives and grapevines are updated with those previously published.

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