The genus Rhytidodoides Price, 1939 (Digenea: Rhytidodidae) in Brazil: New geographic occurrence and report of pathology in the gallbladder

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The present note describes the occurrence of Rhytidodoides intestinalis and Rhytidodoides similis (Digenea: Rhytidodidae) in the gallbladder of two juvenile green turtles (Chelonia mydas - Testu- dines, Cheloniidae) found on the coast of Brazil. Both were detected in gallbladder and intestine of green turtles: Rhytidodoides similis (United States, Panama, Costa Rica and Brazil) and R. intestinais (United States, Panama and Costa Rica). This note is the first report of R. intestinalis in Brazil and South-West Atlantic Ocean. Also the histological lesions caused by the parasites in one gallbladder are described.

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