The Effect of Inorganic or Organic Zinc on the Morphology of the Intestine in Broiler Chickens

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This study compared the effect of dietary supplementation with an inorganic or organic zinc source on the gut morphology in the jejunum of broilers. One-day-old chickens were fed a basal diet (Control group: BD — 32 mg−1 DM), or the same BD supplemented with 30 mg or 70 mg of Zn per kg of DM in the form of ZnSO4.H2O (Group 1: 30 mg ZnSO4; Group 2: 70 mg ZnSO4), and 30 mg or 70 mg of Zn per kg of DM in the form of zinc chelate of glycine hydrate (Group 3: 30 mg Zn-Gly; Group 4: 70 mg Zn-Gly) for 40 days. The villus height was increased in the groups which received 30 mg ZnSO4 and 70 mg ZnSO4 and or 70 mg ZnSO4, as compared to the BD and 30 mg Zn-Gly. The villus surface was higher in all groups receiving the Zn supplements in comparison to the BD.

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