Structure of the organic matter pool in Pinus sibirica dominated forests of Central Siberia

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Organic matter pool and its distribution between growing stock, dead wood and windfall in upland and lowland Pinus sibirica dominated forests of Central Siberia (along the Yenisei River) is evaluated. The average growing stock is changing with advancing age from 163.9 ± 20.4 to 295.4 m3 ha−1 thus reaching its maximum in the mature forests (337.0 ± 19.6 m3 ha−1). According to the data collected, stock variation coefficient numbers display acceptable (growing stock: 14–28%) and high variability (windfall and dead wood: 63–85%). Windfall prevails in the structure of coarse woody debris (CWD) from 130.8 ± 18.5 to 171.7 ± 20.1 m3 ha−1, with the stocks greatly exceeding the amount of growing wood stock in middle-aged and declining stands in 1.4 and 2.1 times, respectively. The observations comply with common trend of deterioration of dark coniferous forests in Siberia.

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