Evaluation of Czech SME participation in the FP7 in the period October 2007 – October 2011

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Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the CR have the opportunity to use grants of many national and European funds and programmes to support their research and other activities. One of the important resources for the implementation of SMEs research and development activities is FP7. The article based on statistical data of E-CORDA database (database of FP7 grants) for the period 2007 to 2011 briefl y summarizes the participation of Czech SMEs in the FP7, compares the SMEs participation share and SMEs received fi nancial support share in terms of regions of the CR and EU countries referring to participation and obtained fi nancial support of other FP7 participants. The contribution analyses Czech SMEs participation in FP7 thematic priorities, presents the regional scope of SMEs in FP7 in the CR and compares the participation and fi nancial success rate of SMEs from the CR with the success rate of SMEs from other EU countries. Essential attention is given to the use of specifi c tools for SMEs in “Research for the Benefi t of SMEs“ Priority in Capacities Specifi c Programme, further to the national project preparation support infrastructure and to the barriers of the Czech SMEs participation in FP7.

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