Coexistence of the BRC Standard for Packaging and the Lean Manufacturing methodology

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This study aimed to explore the potential impact of the Lean Manufacturing methodology on the implementation and functioning of the BRC Standard for Packaging. The study highlighted many issues where the Lean Manufacturing concept supports and opposes the BRC Standard for Packaging. A framework for the coexistence of both approaches was determined. The study was of a conceptual nature; it adopted an analytical approach. The approach was based on in-depth consideration of each requirement in the BRC Standard for Packaging s and an assessment of the coherence with the Lean Manufacturing methodology. As a result, many conclusions, clues and challenges were found. The article indicates several areas, in which Lean Manufacturing supports the BRC Standard for Packaging, attributing a special positive role to Lean Tools & Techniques. Also, it indicates six areas, in which the BRC Standard for Packaging contradicts the Lean Manufacturing approach. A comprehensive analysis of the coexistence of both management systems allows a better understanding of challenges while implementing both of them in an organisation. The presented concept of the coexistence of both systems is valuable for management.

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