Influence of Parameterization of Soil Processes on Meteorological Forecasts of Vertical Profiles

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Soil and atmosphere boundary layer (ABL) interact with each other and influence physical processes in soil and atmosphere. Quality of numerical weather forecast depends on good mapping of complex soil process (microphysics processes in soil, fluid dynamics in porous media, soil dynamics, water cycle in soil and soil-plant-water relation, thermal processes in the soil etc.) in parameterization soil schemes. Current parameterizations of soil physical processes in TERRA_ML (multilayer soil module of the COSMO meteorological model) were prepared 30 years ago for numerical model with poor resolution. Nowadays operationally numerical models work with much better resolution. So, previous parameterization must have been improved or prepared from the beginning if it is expected improvement quality of numerical weather forecast. The influence of changing parameterization of water flux through the soil for “bare soil” case on vertical meteorological profiles is presented in this paper. This influence can be seen not only in weather forecasts, but also in any areas where the results of meteorological model(s) are used, like decision support systems in emergency situations or modeling of dispersion of air pollutants.

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