Steam gasification of oat with conversion of tars on clay catalyst and gas cleaning by condensation of steam

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Gasification of oat grains with steam at normal pressure has been performed in a laboratory scale. Experiments were carried out in a vertical quartz reactor, with a steady flow of the steam and immediate tars conversion at 900ºC on the catalytic bed prepared from local clay with simple additives. Condensation of steam excess enabled essential elimination of non-volatile components of the gas stream. Condensates were analyzed with GC-MS. The highest level of organic compounds was detected in experiment with non-catalytic bed of small quartz pieces (90.2 mg/15 g of oat grains) and successful decreased by 86% for original clay without additives (precursors), 94% for clay with magnesium precursor, 97% with iron and more than 99% with calcium one.

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