Genetic testing for pulmonary stenosis

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Pulmonary stenosis (PS) is a congenital pulmonary valve malformation. It can be classified as valvular, subvalvular or supravalvular. Isolated forms of PS are rare. PS is associated with the development of massive pulmonary arterial dilatation. Patients with PS have a high consanguinity rate and the disorder is highly familial, which is why knowing the genetic aetiology of this defect is important. Prevalence is estimated at about 4/10,000 live births, and incidence at about 10% of all children with congenital heart defects. PS has prevalently autosomal dominant and rarely autosomal recessive inheritance. This Utility Gene Test was developed on the basis of an analysis of the literature and existing diagnostic protocols. It is useful for confirming diagnosis, as well as for differential diagnosis, couple risk assessment and access to clinical trials.

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