Sufficient Conditions for Maximally Edge-Connected and Super-Edge-Connected Graphs Depending on The Clique Number

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Let G be a connected graph with minimum degree δ and edge-connectivity λ. A graph is maximally edge-connected if λ = δ, and it is super-edgeconnected if every minimum edge-cut is trivial; that is, if every minimum edge-cut consists of edges incident with a vertex of minimum degree. The clique number ω(G) of a graph G is the maximum cardinality of a complete subgraph of G. In this paper, we show that a connected graph G with clique number ω(G) ≤ r is maximally edge-connected or super-edge-connected if the number of edges is large enough. These are generalizations of corresponding results for triangle-free graphs by Volkmann and Hong in 2017.

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