Analysis of the Influence of the Heat-Absorbing Surface of an Air-Cooled Solar Collector on its Thermal and Mechanical Properties

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This paper presents the analysis of existing forms of heat absorbing surfaces of air solar collectors, which gained the greatest popularity in the world. The obtained data allowed to conclude that there is a need for the development of solar collectors with air as a coolant with an improved form of heat absorber, which will reduce the operational and capital costs of solar systems and allow the efficient use of such structures in a moderate climate without additional mechanisms for the transfer of coolant. The use of computer simulation helped to compare the thermal characteristics of air-borne solar collectors of a different design. The substantiation of the expediency of installing as a heat absorber of flow turbulators in the form of a screw has been fulfilled, as well as the height of the air channel of the solar collector has been determined, in which the maximum heating of the transfer medium is observed. In addition, the loss of pressure in the air channel of the solar collector with flow turbulators was determined and the comparison of the obtained data with the values of pressure losses in the air collector of the matrix type and the air collector with V-shaped ribs was made.

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