Aromatic hydrocarbons from the Middle Jurassic fossil wood of the Polish Jura

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Aromatic hydrocarbons are present in the fossil wood samples in relatively small amounts. In almost all of the tested samples the dominating aromatic hydrocarbon is perylene and its methyl and dimethyl derivatives. The most important biomarkers present in the aromatic fraction are dehydroabietane, siomonellite and retene, compounds characteristic for conifers. The distribution of discussed compounds is highly variable due to such early diagenetic processes affecting the wood as oxidation and the activity of microorganisms. MPI1 parameter values (methylphenanthrene index) for the majority of the samples are in the range of 0.1 to 0.5, which results in the highly variable values of Rc (converted value of vitrinite reflectance) ranging from 0.45 to 0.70%. Such values suggest that MPI1 parameter is not useful as maturity parameter in case of Middle Jurassic ore-bearing clays, even if measured strictly on terrestrial organic matter (OM). As a result of weathering processes (oxidation) the distribution of aromatic hydrocarbons changes. In the oxidized samples the amount of aromatic hydrocarbons, both polycyclic as well as aromatic biomarkers decreases.

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