Stibnite vein from Dębowina near Bardo (polish Sudetes)

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In the contact zone of the Bardo Structure and Kłodzko-Złoty Stok Intrusion and Kłodzko Metamorphic, metasomatic orebearing quartz-carbonate veins rich in Sb, Zn, Cu, Ag, Au, Pb are present. In 1771 the mine ,,Reiche Silber Gluck” within stibnite vein was founded in Dębowina near Bardo. Its entrance was discovered again in 2007. The stibnite vein is mainly build of stibnite and sphalerite and of quartz and dolomite rich in Mn. Stibnite crystallizes as columnar or forming radiate centres and aciculars. Its crystals reach size to 2 mm. Sphalerite appears as individual anhedral and polymineralic grained concentrations reaching size to 2,5 mm. Earlier pyrite and arsenopyrite crystallized - they occur locally in this deposit. There were found also in the deposit tetrahedrite rich in Ag, what wasn't reported earlier in studies from the mine in Dębowina.

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