Test on The Effects of Reconstituted Soil on Emergency Speed and Root Growth in Maize

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Reconstitution is a pedotechnique to counter land degradation and desertification. The reconstitution, patented by the research laboratory m.c.m. Ecosistemi, applies chemical-mechanical actions to a mixture of degraded soil and matrices (such as waste sludge) in order to produce reconstituted soil, a very high fertility soil. This paper is about a pot study in a greenhouse to investigate how reconstituted soil affects emergence speed and seminal roots development of Zea mays L. seedlings, in comparison with a Technosol. 200 seedlings are monitored up to the 16th day after the seeding. The emergence percentage is 98% on reconstituted soil and 91% on Technosol. Average length and weight of fresh seminal roots are higher on reconstituted soil.

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