Performance Characterization of Bituminous Mixtures with Dolomite Sand Waste and BOF Steel Slag Aggregates

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Dolomite and sandstone that can be found in Latvia, lack the mechanical strength, and for most of the large motorways the aggregates are imported from other countries causing increase of the costs and growth of emissions from transportation. On the other hand, large amounts of Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) steel slag aggregates with good qualities are being produced in Latvia and put to waste. During the recent decades, the dolomite sand waste has been accumulating and its quantity has reached a million of tons and is rapidly increasing.

This paper presents the testing results of dense graded asphalt concrete AC 11 mixtures made of four types of aggregate: steel slag, dolomite sand waste, conventional imported dolomite aggregates and conventional local crushed quartz sand that were proportioned to develop a mixture that would satisfy the requirements of permanent deformation and stiffness. Analysis of the results showed that mixes with steel slag and dolomite waste sand or unconventional aggregate combination with dolomite in coarse portion, crushed quartz sand in sand portion and dolomite waste sand in sand and filler portions had high resistance to plastic deformations.

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