The Comparison of Measured and Simulated Dynamic Responses of Vehicles Indicated by Road Pavement Unevenness

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The article presents the comparison of measured and simulated dynamic responses of heavy vehicle which are indicated by road pavement unevenness. This unevenness was represented by speed control bumps, potholes and stochastic pavement unevenness. The objective simulations were realized through the medium Quarter- Car Simulation by means of application of simulated theory of dynamic systems. The reliability of used model was verificated with comparison of measured and simulated values of sprung mass T815 vehicle accelerations. In the article, there are presented courses of total vertical forces of Quarter-Car Simulation for the first, the second and the fourth classification degree of unevenness, which was considered through the world's respected parameter IRI (International Roughness Index). Obtained simulated dynamic effects of the vehicle on the pavement were used for modification of a relevant Slovak design method of asphalt pavements.

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