Innovation in Study of Physical and Technical Measurements. Czech-Polish Cooperation of Universities / Innowacje Studiów Fizyczne I Techniczne Metody Pomiarowe. Czesko-Polska Współpraca Uniwersytetów

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In the Faculty of Science (University of Hradec Králové) the innovative program in chemistry for the study specialization Physico-technical Measurements and Computer Technology was developed. The innovation of chemistry filed study has been focused especially on increase in competitiveness and in graduates employment. Design of innovation enables graduates applying for the position of experts in physical measurements and informatics and at the same time they expand their competence in the service of the physico-chemical instrumentation in industrial ecology. Because Faculty of Science is not equipped yet in expensive instrumentation for nuclear spectrometry, cross-border cooperation with the Faculty of Natural and Technical Sciences (University of Opole) has been started. In the area of teaching about non-traditional energy sources the cross-border cooperation with the Department of Automation and Renewable Energy Sources, Faculty of Electrical Engineering (Czestochowa University of Technology) has been initiated. Well-developed system of cooperation with companies, which are equipped with the latest technology of environmental protection, was created. In the exchange system Polish students attended for practicing in these companies. The aim of the contribution is to describe one of the means of innovation of chemistry field study in the frame of bachelor study specialization oriented in physics and computer technology. We believe that the new approach will lead to increase in graduate competitiveness as well as to development of their motivation to study and better understanding of regulation principles of chemical processes and patterns.

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