Densification Mechanism, Elastic-Plastic Deformations and Stress-Strain Relations of Compacted Metal-Ceramic Powder Mixtures (Review)

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The basic purpose of compaction is to obtain a green compact with sufficient strength to withstand further handling operations. The strength of green compact is influenced by the characteristics of the powders (apparent density, particle size and shape, internal pores etc.), the processing parameters (applied force, pressing type, and temperature) and testing conditions (strain rate etc.) Successful powder cold compaction is determined by the densification and structural transformations of powders (metallic powders, ceramic powders and metal-ceramic powder mixtures) during the compaction stages. In this paper, for understanding the factors that determine a required strength of compacted metal-ceramic powder mixtures, we present the densification mechanisms of different mixtures according to densification theories of compaction, the elastic-plastic deformations of mixture powders, the stressstrain relations and the relaxation behavior of compacted metal-ceramic composite parts and the particularities of each of them.

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