The Mathematical Model Applied to Solidify and Segregation of Ledeburite Tool Steel Ingots

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In order to determine the optimum geometry of the ingot mold format (the format of ingot mold with a diameter per height ratio H / D <3 and the conicity of minimum 7%) was analyzed by mathematical modeling of solidification and segregation of the carbon and sulfur in it.

It was considered 205Cr115 steel type (according with , STAS 3611 - Romanian stardandization) and known also as X210Cr12 steel type (according with European standard). It has been considered an element of volume of coordinates x, y, z in the solidifying ingot and have made the following assumptions: (i) the equilibrium distribution ratio K, is applied to the solid-liquid interface; (ii) solid diffusion is negligible during solidification; and (iii) the solid density is constant during solidification. In carrying out the simulation of segregation mechanisms are resolved heat transfer equation, that simulating the solidification process and are are solved the interdendritic fluid equation of motion.

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